Code of Ethics

It is the responsibility for professionally accountable companies to compliment transparent corporate governance with an effective and enforceable 'Code of Ethics' which must embrace all stakeholders. The Company's Code of Ethics therefore forms the basis of our relationship with shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, suppliers, communities and government. Although our stakeholders entrust our management team to look after the financial and social wellbeing of our Group of companies, all our employees have an important part to play in abiding by and living out our Group's Values and Ethics.

We want this Code to be more than a collection of high-sounding statements. It must have practical value in our day-to-day business and each one of us must follow these principles in the spirit, as well as the letter.

  1. Business Practice Commitment

    We will generate business through application of knowledge of our markets, timeous delivery of quality products and services and by building sound client relationships. We will at all times act in good faith in the best interests of the Group as a whole. This applies to both external and internal business dealings and working relationships.

    We will operate within the laws of the country, codes of industry practice and standards laid down by statutory bodies. We will operate within the laws and custom of any other country where we do business.We will not resort to bribery to further our business interests. We will keep accurate and reliable records, which fairly reflect all business transactions in keeping with international accounting standards, which are managed in accordance with Finance Department's policies and procedures.

    No employee of the Group is to pursue any private business interests that will conflict with those of the Group either by way of competition or diverting attention from the business of the Group. We will declare any conflicts of interest that may arise, including employment of family members and any business with related parties. We will not divulge confidential information about our business without prior approval. We will act with disregard for any personal ulterior or improper motive, such as personal gain.

    The KCT-UCC Group's Code of Ethics relates to our business practices, as well as expected conduct towards:

    • Our customers
    • Our employees
    • Our business partners
    • Our suppliers
    • Our communities
    • Our environment
  2. Commitment to our Customers

    We will be professional in all our business dealings to maximize our reputation as the preferred supplier of construction goods and services. We will meet and exceed our agreed-upon customer requirements. We will strive to form efficient business relationships with our customers that deliver benefits to both parties

  3. Commitment to our Employees

    We will adhere to the Group's Policies and Procedures and apply them fairly throughout the organization. We will continue to pursue the Group's transformation All employees will operate within an agreed framework of authority and operating guidelines

    We will ensure that we provide the tools so that our working practices conform to strict safety, health, environmental and quality standards. We will invest in the development of our employees and performance will be rewarded. We will act in a professional manner with each other and respect one another's religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

  4. Commitment to our Business Partners

    We will maintain professional working relationships with our business partners at the same time as fostering a culture of teamwork. We will ensure that all our business partners fully understand our performance standards and requirements. In keeping with international practice, agents may be appointed by the Group to assist in country establishment and work procurement. All agents, partners and commercial agreements pertaining thereto must be approved by the Group Executives.

  5. Commitment to our Suppliers

    We will maintain professional working relationships with all our suppliers. We will ensure that our suppliers understand our performance standards and requirements.We will not divulge confidential information to our suppliers about our business strategies. We will not ask or receive any payment or other benefits that are not expressly stated within the terms of the contract.

  6. Commitment to our Communities

    We will consult with the communities where we operate on matters that may affect them. We will respect the values, culture and beliefs of the communities in which we operate.

  7. Commitment to our Environment

    We will respect and care for all life (people, animals and plants). We will educate all staff on environmental issues. We will protect soils, water and air from damage through our operations as best we can. We will rehabilitate what we can. We will control emissions from our operations and will manage waste disposal under strict constraints.

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